What excites you about technology?

I was asked this question in an in interview and I had to give an answer on the spot.

I think I named artificial intelligence - in health in particular but very generally. Self driving cars. I'm not good when put on the spot.

It would have been better to have had a really good answer. What excites me?

I'm quite excited by humanity not being decimated by our home planet being ravaged by global warming. Renewable energy, electric transportation. In fact any kind of better transportation interests me even if it doesn't help against global warming. I want to get to places easily. I'm excited by the idea that out streets might not be filled with parked cars, though there might be more cars driving around at any one time.

I'm excited by the idea of delivering objects to people without having drivers involved. I'd like to send a book my Dad a couple of miles away by calling for a robot to come and pick it up and take it there. Or to take him a curry that I just cooked, I could even send him my leftovers - even if he gives it to his dog. Are we getting too far into fantasy?

I'm excited by IOT. Having sensors everywhere - what is the temperature in my baby son's room? What is the temperature in my fridge or freezer. I'm less sure why I'm excited by this. I don't know if there needs to be a good reason to be excited.

Choosing a list of interests is akin to choosing what things in the world you wish were changed. It doesn't have to be. You can be interested in things just because they are fun. I wish I did more of that.